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ASTREL cameras introduce MODULARITY

Processor Unit

  • On camera PC board

  • Wifi, Ethernet, USB

  • Configurable I/O ports

  • Optional touch display

Sensor Unit

  • CCD/CMOS board

  • Cooling system

  • Internal Filter wheel

  • Low vacuum proof

These two modules can be upgraded independently

The user doesn't have to buy a new camera for having new functionalities, he can buy just one module and reuse the other.

AST8300-B Upgrade

AST8300-B-UG ................€450.00 (VAT excl.)
Upgrade your AST8300-A to AST8300-B


To upgrade your AST8300-A to AST8300-B the user needs only to upgrade the Processor Unit.


This Processor Unit upgrade will give you:

No more limited to Astrel Desktop apps

- Standard Ubuntu 15.10 OS

- Same Astrel Desktop apps for camera control

- Open many windows togheter for best intereaction

- Planetarium, post processing and more

- Thousands of applications!

Much faster on board PC:

- 30 sec from power up to operation ready

- 1GHz processor with 1Gb ram and up to 64Gb storage

- 2xUSB high speed, full size connectors

- Gbit Ethernet (7Mb/sec, less than 3sec/image)

- Integrated WiFi with external antenna (3Mb/sec, less than 6sec/image)

The owner of an AST8300-A that wants to upgrade its camera to the AST8300-B has to send back its camera to Astrel Instruments.

Astrel Instruments will substitute the old Processor Unit with the new one and perform all the complete session of production tests.


The users that want to continue using the new camera through the touch LCD have to include in the order also the new 5" Touch LCD that will substitute the old 4.3" Touch LCD (the 4.3" LCD can't work with AST8300-B).

Astrel cameras are composed of 2 modules: Sensor Unit and Processor Unit

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