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How to buy

Step 1: Fill the order form

Fill the order form with your personal and shipment data.

Select the items you want to buy among Cameras, Filters and Accessories.

Accepts the Selling Conditions and Privacy Rules.

Add in the Note field any other relevant information (filters, shipment insurance, single shipment when all items available, ...)

Step 2: Submit the order form

When you've filled the order form press the  "Submit Order" red button. Astrel will send you an automated answer as immediate feedback.

Note that you can freely submit an order form to us without any obligation to complete the order  (also to get a complete quotation).

Step 3: Astrel returns the complete order data to you

In maximum 2 days Astrel will send you an e-mail with your order data adding:

- Order ID Code

- delivery time for each item
- freight costs depending on the shipping address
- total cost with or without VAT (if your country is EU or not EU)
- Astrel Instruments IBAN code for your Bank Transfer

Step 4: Payment

Astrel Instruments accepts only Bank Transfer payments.

Add the Order ID Code in the  "Description" field of the Bank Transfer module of your bank.

The order will be effective only after Astrel Instruments receives your Bank Transfer.

Once the payment process has been completed you will receive a confirmation e-mail from Astrel Instruments.  

Step 5: Shipment

Ordered items that are in stock will be on its way to you in 48 working hours on receipt of cleared payment and you will receive a new e-mail with the tracking number of your shipping. All the items that are not in stock will be delivered as for specified delivery time.

You can choose to get a single shipment including all ordered items (as soon as all available) specifying it in the "Note" field of the Order form.

Shipment Costs

Shipment costs vary depending on pack weight / dimensions and destination. In the following some example of shipment costs for a camera pack that can be used as reference (shipment costs always include VAT):

  • Italy = € 24 - € 36

  • France, Germany, UK = € 74

  • Bulgaria, Ponland, Slovenia = € 127

  • Norway / Suisse / USA = € 95

  • Argentina / Australia / Japan = € 123

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