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Astrel Pro​​ Cameras

  • LPC-TLS CMOS IMX492 based  smart camera integrated with 15cm aperture Maksutov telescope

  • LPC-SA CMOS IMX492 based stand alone smart camera, customized industrial version of AST492 (no integrated telescope)

  • AAS - CMOS E2V EV76C660 based smart camera integrated with an objective with Focal length: 4.8 mm, F 1.8

  • MOSSCA- CMOS smart cameras integrating Detector + Control + High Computing modules

CMOS Cameras

  • AST183-X-M-FW - Sony IMX183 sensor, mono version.

  • AST183-X-C-FW - Sony IMX183 sensor, color version. 

  • AST183-X-M-FW-7F - Sony IMX183 sensor, mono version, + 7 filters kit (LRGB Ha OIII SII) already mounted on Filter Wheel

CCD Cameras

  • AST8300-X-M-FW - KAF-8300 sensor, mono version. 

  • AST8300-X-M-FW-7F - KAF-8300 sensor, mono version, + 7 filters kit (LRGB Ha OIII SII) already mounted on Filter Wheel

Note: KAF-8300 and KAF-16200 CCD Sensor has been put in obsolescence by OnSemi. These sensor can be occasionally available from resellers. In case of order Astrel will check if it is possible to build the camera and the related costs (the original price could vary).

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