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Astrel Instruments' idea was born in 2010 merging the Astronomical, Software, Electronics, Mechanical and Managing expertises of its founders.

We have an established collaboration with the Italian National Institute of Astrophysics (INAF) for developing scientific cameras to be mounted in various ESO observatories. This collaboration allowed us to learn from professional astronomers with great skills in CCD/CMOS top performance camera development.


After developing a strong background, we decided to enter in the amateur astronomical camera market with products that add innovation to top performances: that means offering to the customer something still not available on the market (such as stand-alone and wireless modes, low-vacuum sensor chamber, open-source SW code, ...).

The innovations introduced by these products were also recognised by the European Community, as Astrel Instruments last year has been granted a found from the EU's innovative startup company initiative.


We do at home what we are able to do better: the design of electronic boards, software and mechanical parts, final assembly, testing, quality assurance, customer support and documentation.

We contract out what is better to be done by specialized companies: PCB building, electronics assembly and mechanical parts construction.

This policy, together with the direct web selling, allows us to keep prices low for top quality products.

We also offer our expertises to customers that need specific design services, ranging from standard camera modifications to brand new projects involving specific sensors/mechanics.

In 2019 we created the Astrel Pro division that collects and optimizes all the activities toward the professional and scientific research markets.

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