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Power Suppliers


Universal external power suppliers to connect the Astrel cameras directly to the 220/110V AC wall socket.

12V 3A Power Supplier

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Wall socket 220/110V AC Power Supply 12V 3A for AST8300 Cameras

The External Power Supplier can be connected to the 220VAC or 110VAC wall socket providing 12V DC to the Astrel camera with an maximum output current of 3A.

It features a power line cable of 1m ending with a female plug with internal diameter of 2.5mm and external diameter of 5.5mm with inner positive terminal. This plug can be directly connected to the camera or through the extension cable provided with the camera.

The included AC plug is selected by Astrel among EU, US and UK type.

AST-PS-A .............................€40.00 (VAT excl.)