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Laser Pointing Camera - Stand Alone

The LPC-SA is an industrialized version of AST492 with deep customization following the requirements of the European Space Agency

for a project that translate the advantage of adaptive optics to LASER communication between Earth and space.

LPC-SA main features

  • The LPC-SA is based on the AST492 ‘smart’ camera with Johnson filters, with on-board computing processor, based on Linux OS, and special customized software

  • CMOS Sensor:

    • Sony IMX492 Monochrome, 46 Mpxl

    • 8192 pxl (H) x 5648 pxl (V)

    • Quantum Efficiency (peak) 80%

    • Readout noise 1.7e-

    • Pixel size 2.315 um (H) x 2.315 um (V)

    • Binning 1x1 and 2x2 (hi-res) and 4x4 (normal operation)

    • 12 bit ADC, 14 bit bin 2, 16 bit bin 4

    • 2 fps (download time only, no post processing)

  • Processing Unit:

    • microprocessor Intel ATOM E3940 quad core 1.8GHz

    • 4GB DDR3L

    • 32GB eMMC + SSD 256 GB

    • industrial temperature range

    • LINUX operating system

    • RTC Battery

    • 3x Companion Microchip SAM3S microcontrollers for realtime system management

  • Connectors on Panel:

    • Supply 24V with remote On/Off input 

    • Opto-isolated 24V Discrete INPUT: IN_1, IN_2

    • Opto-isolated 24V Discrete OUTPUT: Watchdog, Laser1_Trigger, Laser2_Trigger

    • Gigabit Ethernet

    • USB3 • USB2 (x5) • EXT-IO: GPIO (x6), UART0, UART1, SPI, I2C • MOT-IO: RS485, 24V, Hall Sensor (x3)

  • Cooling:

    • Peltier Cell + FAN controlled by uP

    • Sensor operating temperature setpoint: 0 to 10°C

  • Filter Wheel:

    • Integrated 7 positions

    • Filter size 1.25” mounted

  • Integrated Software:

    • LPC-SA software suite for LGS position identification and offset calculation

    • Dual laser management/triggering

    • LGS flux and FWHM monitoring

    • Gigabit Ethernet TCP/IP commands interface

  • Telescope IF:

    • M42 x 0.75mm


Ordering Information

p/n LPC-SA-01

Please contact for price, delivery time, documentation and any further customization requests.

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