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Astrel stand alone deepsky smart cameras awarded as HOT PRODUCT 2019
DEC 2019

"Sky&Telescope", the most influential astrophotography specialized magazine, inserted our stand alone smart camera product line in the HOT PRODUCT 2019 list. In the following the motivation of this prestigious award as from the Sky&Telescope Jan 2019 issue:

"A new line of high-performance astronomical CCD cameras from the

Italian firm Astrel Instruments does away with the need for external computers to capture and process deep-sky images.


The camera’s built-in WiFi link, 1000 MHz processor (for operating the

camera and processing images), and up to 64 Gb of storage are controlled by a remote desktop app on any network-connected device, including smartphones, tablets, and PCs.


U.S. price: from 1,600€ (about $1,850)"

Astrel Instruments announces the launch of the new AST8300-X on the market
MAY 2018


Astrel Instruments launches the AST8300X on the market. This low cost version of AST8300B is available also with the 7F version that includes a full set of filters already mounted in the internal filterwheel.

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Astrel Instruments at NEAF 2019
APR 2019


Astrel Instruments attends to NEAF 2019 the world’s largest astronomy & space expo (New York - April 6 & 7, 2019) . On our booth it is possible to discover the new CMOS camera AST183-X just launched on the market.


Astrel Instruments at NEAF 2018
APR 2018


Astrel Instruments is present with its own booth at NEAF (Northeast Astronomy Forum) 2018 organized by Rockland Astronomy Club in New York.

This international fair, the World’s Largest Astronomy & Space Expo, is the perfect chance to show to the American customers the new CCD Cameras: AST8300-X and AST16200-B.

Astrel Instruments at NEAIC 2017
APR 2017


Astrel Instruments is a proud sponsor of the Northeast Astro-Imaging Conference, April 6-7, 2017, New York.

Through this international fair, organized by Rockland Astronomy Club, Astrel Instruments  is happy to introduce its innovative products to US astrophotographers.


Astrel Pro

Astrel completed the production of the Cmos cameras for ESO MOONS project
DEC 2018

​Astrel Instruments completed the production of 20 miniature Smart CMOS cameras commissioned by the INAF-OAR (Italian National Astrophysics Institute-Osservatorio Astronomico di Roma) for MOONS (Multi-Object Optical and Near-infrared Spectrograph) project of the ESO (European Southern Observatory) VLT (Very Large Telescope) on the Cierro Paranal, Chile.
The cameras, that will be used in the secondary guide system of this MOONS Spectrograph are based on:

- a sensor unit that includes the E2V DSC-EV76C660 CMOS sensor and the thermo-electrically cooling system

- a processor unit that controls the camera and it is linked to an Ethernet network.

Astrel completed first commissioning phase of Laser Pointing Camera
MAY 2015

​Astrel, in collaboration with INAF-OAR (Italian National Astrophisics Institute-Osservatorio Astronomico di Roma) completed the first commissioning phase of LPC (Laser Pointing Camera) for the 4-LGS (Laser Guide Star) of ESO (European Southern Observatory) VLT (Very Large Telescope) on Cierro Paranal Observatory in Chile.
The LPC is based on a customized version of AST8300 CCD camera.
Astrel provided also the electronics for the panel interface and the sw for astrometry and photometry functions.
In the picture one of the first shot of LPC: the laser beam pointing toward Saturn.

see: http://www.eso.org/public/announcements/ann15034/

AST8300 selected for LPC ESO Project
MAY 2014

​A customized version of AST8300 CCD Camera has been selected by INAF-OAR (Italian National Astrophysics Institute-Osservatorio Astronomico di Roma) for ESO (European Southern Observatory) to equip the LPC (Laser Guide Star - Pointing Camera) of VLT Telescope on Cierro Paranal Observatory. The Astrel camera has been modified with a new heater-sink, electronic interface and specific SW application to match the requirements from the researcher of the European consortium.

Astrel Instruments CMOS Camera for ESO VLT in Chile
MAY 2013

The INAF-OAR (Italian National Astrophysics Institute-Osservatorio Astronomico di Roma) contracted out the study and prototypes of miniature CMOS cameras to be used in the secondary guide system of the MOONS ((Multi-Object Optical and Near-infrared Spectrograph) of the ESO (European Southern Observatory) VLT (Very Large Telescope) on the Cierro Paranal in Chile.These cameras are based on E2V DSC-EV76C660 CMOS sensor, thermo-electrically cooled and linked to an Ethernet network.Astrel Instruments provides design service, prototypes electronics, base SW and specific applications.


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