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Touch LCD

The touch-screen LCDs are the basic accessories to let Astrel cameras work in stand alone mode, without the need of a PC connected via WiFi or Ethernet cable.

wireless keyboards

The Mini-keyboard with touchpad can be used together with the Display to operate the Astrel cameras in stand alone modality. The keyboards are connected to the camera through an USB wireless pen

Filters Integrated Filter-wheel

A rich set of filters is available to equipe the Astrel cameras with the integrated filter-wheel. The customer can select up to seven filters to define his preferred filter configuration.

Power Suppliers

Universal external power suppliers to connect the Astrel cameras directly to the 220/110V AC wall socket.

Programming Tools

Adapter cables to program Astrel camera processors.

Wifi USB dongle


WiFi USB dongles and adapters to allow a wireless connection between Astrel cameras and PCs / Tablets / Smartphones.

GPS USB dongle


GPS USB Module with Antenna and Receiver.

uSD Memory Expansions

Internal Micro SD module for the Camera memory expansion. It should be ordered with the camera, as it substitutes the internal base size Micro SD card

uSD Memory Expansions


It provides to your Astrel smartcamera the direct control of your Flat Box.

uSD Memory Expansions


Tough Suitcase with internal foam tailored to protect the camera and its accessories

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