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Astrel Pro

Astrel Pro is a division of Astrel Instruments whose core business is the design and implementation of systems for the professional astronomy market but also open to any scientific and industrial instrumentation projects.

The activities of this division range from the customization/design of cameras under specific requirements of research institutes up to the implementation of complete turn-key multi-telescope observatories. 

Astrel Pro can support the customer starting from the definition of the requirements up to the final on field commissioning plus after-sale tutoring and maintenance activities.

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CMOS miniature camera designed for INAF (Italian National Institute of Astrophysics) to be used as secondary guide system for the MOONS ((Multi-Object Optical and Near-infrared Spectrograph) of the ESO (European Southern Observatory) VLT (Very Large Telescope) on the Cerro Paranal in Chile.

Moons Guide CMOS Cameras

Customer Specific Products


Design of new products (or part of them) based on customer's requirements including mechanical, electronics and software. 


Laser Pointing Camera

The LPC-TLS is a compact system, including a telescope and a smart CCD camera, that is used to assist a single or multiple Laser Guide Stars (LGS) Adaptive Optics (AO) system pointing the guide stars to the expected sky position, with a precision that is very difficult or impossible to obtain in open loop. It has been designed in collaboration with INAF (Italian National Institute of Astrophysics)  for the ESO-VLT UT-4 observatory.

Customized and updated versions of LPC-TLS (with CMOS sensor and more powerful processing unit) have been also delivered to Gemini North Observatory in 2020 and to Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias in 2022.

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The LPC-AS is a stand-alone version (no integrated Telescope). 

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Aircraft Avoiding System Camera

The AAS (Aircraft Avoidance System) is a compact complete camera, including an objective and a smart CMOS camera, that is used to assist a single or multiple Laser Guide Stars (LGS) Adaptive Optics (AO) system to detect the presence of aircrafts in a specific sky area in order to rise an alarm to turn off the laser beam in order to avoid any risk.

It has been designed for the ESO-VLT UT-4 observatory in 2019.

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AAS at Paranal.jpg

Calibration Source System

Cal-Source in Rack.jpg

The Calibration Source System is an optical intrument that provides configurable multiple colored laser diode sources with photo diode feedback for closed loop operations of calibration. Astrel Instruments developed the electronics and control software. This instrument was developed in 2019 for the INAF Shark-Vis project for the Large Binocular Telescope (LBT) on Mount  Graham of southeastern Arizona, United States.

Road Sounder Controller


The Road-Sounder (RSC) is an instrument that, installed on a moving car, is capable to collect data on the status of road asphalt in relation with GPS localization , store and transfer these data via a LTE mobile link.

The RSC consists on a Central Unit and a set of Remote Units (max 7) that integrate an accelerator.

This instruments with its basic software was developed in 2023 following the requirements of Arpsoft committed by ESA.

Standard Product Customization

HW and SW design services for any modification and customization on standard Astrel products upon specific request:

- Mechanical parts

- SW functions

- HW functions

AST8300-A for LPC

Customization of AST8300-A-M-FW for ESO (European Southern Observatory) to be used as Laser Guide Star finder: new cooling system, new filter-wheel, complete SW application.

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cameras_8300_no ant.gif
Telescope service.bmp
Turn-key Observatories


Design and implementation of complete multi-telescope observatories, including:

  • infrastructures: robotized/manual domes, roll-off roof buildings,...

  • telescopes and radio-telescope antennas

  • CCD/CMOS image cameras

  • remote control rooms

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