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Astrel Instruments offers its own technical expertise to provide design services to satisfy any customers' request for both standard product modifications and new specific products. 

Please, contact our Service Team via e-mail at info@astrel-instruments.com.


Standard Product Customization

HW and SW design services for any modification and customization on standard Astrel products upon specific request:

- Mechanical parts

- SW functions

- HW functions

Customization of AST8300-A-M-FW for ESO (European Southern Observatory) to be used as Laser Guide Tracker: new cooling system, new filter-wheel, complete SW application.


Customer Specific Products


Design of new products (or part of them) based on customer's requirements including mechanical, electronics and software. 


CMOS miniature camera designed for INAF (Italian National Institute of Astrophysics) to be used as secondary guide system for the MOONS ((Multi-Object Optical and Near-infrared Spectrograph) of the ESO (European Southern Observatory) VLT (Very Large Telescope) on the Cerro Paranal in Chile.

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