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ESA - Laser Pointing Camera

The ESA-LPC is an industrialized version of AST492 with deep customization following the requirements of the European Space Agency for the ALASCA project.

ALASCA (Advanced Laser guide star Adaptive optics for Satellite Communication Assessments) is a project financed by ESA that translate the advantage of adaptive optics to LASER communication between Earth and space.

ESA-LPC main features

  • The ESA-LPC is based on the AST492 ‘smart’ camera with Johnson filters, with on-board computing processor, based on Linux OS, and special customized software

  • CMOS Sensor:

    • Sony IMX492 Monochrome, 46 Mpxl

    • 8192 pxl (H) x 5648 pxl (V)

    • Quantum Efficiency (peak) 80%

    • Readout noise 1.7e-

    • Pixel size 2.315 um (H) x 2.315 um (V)

    • Binning 1x1 and 2x2 (hi-res) and 4x4 (normal operation)

    • 12 bit ADC, 14 bit bin 2, 16 bit bin 4

    • 2 fps (download time only, no post processing)

  • Processing Unit:

    • microprocessor Intel ATOM E3940 quad core 1.8GHz

    • 4GB DDR3L

    • 32GB eMMC + SSD 256 GB

    • industrial temperature range

    • LINUX operating system

    • RTC Battery

    • 3x Companion Microchip SAM3S microcontrollers for realtime system management

  • Connectors on Panel:

    • Supply 24V with remote On/Off input 

    • Opto-isolated 24V Discrete INPUT: IN_1, IN_2

    • Opto-isolated 24V Discrete OUTPUT: Watchdog, Laser1_Trigger, Laser2_Trigger

    • Gigabit Ethernet

    • USB3 • USB2 (x5) • EXT-IO: GPIO (x6), UART0, UART1, SPI, I2C • MOT-IO: RS485, 24V, Hall Sensor (x3)

  • Cooling:

    • Peltier Cell + FAN controlled by uP

    • Sensor operating temperature setpoint: 0 to 10°C

  • Filter Wheel:

    • Integrated 7 positions

    • Filter size 1.25” mounted

  • Integrated Software:

    • LPC software suite for LGS position identification and offset calculation

    • Dual laser management/triggering

    • LGS flux and FWHM monitoring

    • Gigabit Ethernet TCP/IP commands interface

  • Telescope IF:

    • M42 x 0.75mm